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Policy for Tricare Referrals


                               Once our office has inputted the referral(s) for you in the Tricare system.

                                               You may do the following to check on the status.

Call (800) 444-5445 or Log-in to the beneficiary self-service tab at to
check on the status of your referral/s.

  1. Humana military will allow up to 12 months for each approved referral. Please know the
    allowed # of visits.

  2. Do not make an appointment without a valid authorization. We will NOT be able to

  3. facilitate same day referrals.

  4. If you require additional visits other than what is authorized, your specialist office can request an extension or continuation of visit.

  5. Tricare allows a specialist that you have an approved referral to see to also submit referrals for care related to their specialty. You will not need to request it from us.

  6. ( website for further information about Referrals and Authorizations)

  7. ​Ensure that the approved specialist sends us a report of their findings after every visit. As
    your PCM and referring provider, it is best that we have information on your treatment
    for your files.

  8. We will also need your office visit notes to refer to for visit extensions or other long-term
    referral needs.

An appointment with us is necessary when:

  • It has been a year since the initiation of a referral, and it has expired.

  • We do not have any medical records from the specialist office stating continuation of care
    is required.

  • When the specialist office refuses to request a referral for you to extend, change and
    approve you for any procedures that they will do.

  • A referral is needed for a medical condition that has not been evaluated by your PCM.

  • It has been more than 6 months since your last appointment with your PCM.


  • Send an authorization request to Tricare within 5 business days after your Appointment with us for any service we are unable to perform as your PCM (Primary Care Manager).

  • Facilitate your appointment with the approved specialist – we will send the medically necessary
    information to them once the referral has been approved.

  • Inform you of the outcome of the authorization.

  • If possible, make your appointment for you and let you know. You may also contact them
    directly to schedule.


  • Retroactively request a referral for you.

  • Mark your referral as URGENT unless deemed necessary by our treating provider. All your
    referrals will be marked routine.

  • Request a referral if your referral has EXPIRED.

  • Create additional referrals requested by the specialist office.

  • Create an out of state referral.

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